Eventually, everything connects. I’m a firm believer in fate. It’s a big world we live in, and we pass by thousands of people in our lifetime who we never get the chance to meet. But the ones we do happen to lock eyes or share a handshake with, all add a little something to the puzzle. For some it may be only a small piece, and some might end up completing it.

It could take a while for the full picture to reveal itself, but eventually, everything comes to light, and everything works out just the way it’s supposed to.

it is so easy to let the city swallow you whole.

suburbia can consume your hope to leave
and bury it under the cement sidewalks
among a forgotten city of searchers;

a desk nine to five has a habit
of putting your brain in a box
marked look; do not touch.

do not be food for the pigeons
and do not leave your everything
among the skyscrapers to die;

escape in time to remain in tact
and never forget that it is in peace and serenity
that we find who we really need to be.

"city cemetery" by typical treatment. (14 july 2014)

(via dearprongs)